Record Year: $20M in Awards

Norfolk State University received $20.246 million in awards during fiscal year 2010-11—the highest level received in the history of the University, according to Joseph C. Hall, vice president for research and economic development. The funding represents a 16.2 percent increase over the 2009-10 fiscal year and is 32.3 percent higher than fiscal year 2008-09.

 Hall attributes the increase to a better awareness of the quality and type of research conducted at the University and to improved solicitation strategies. “Our research is no longer a best kept secret,” said Hall. “Accordingly, Norfolk State University now successfully assumes a posture of competitor, innovator and sought-after partner.” In addition, Hall said that continued efforts are made to increase the quality and dollar value of strategically sought-out proposal submissions and faculty are encouraged to pursue nontraditional sponsors and to increase partnerships.

 The College of Science, Engineering and Technology had the highest number of awards at 62 with a total amount of $10,114,472 received. Title III funding had the second highest number of awards with 19 for a total amount of $6,772,993. The third highest level of awards went to the School of Education with 10 awards totaling $992,868.

 Hall said that many programs historically supported by federal funds are slated for significant reductions, and in some instances possible elimination; however, a plan is in place to help offset some of those reductions. Measures include the Office of Sponsored Programs working to bring in new work and expanded partnerships as well as spurring economic development through the recently established Small Business Innovative Resource Center. “It is imperative,” said Hall, “that we stay the course, display our strengths, expand our relationships and grow the enterprise for the betterment of society and the customers we serve.”

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