Biometrics Authentication Changing I.D. Process

Biometrics Authentication Changing I.D.  Process

In this 21st century of global information, there is an ever-growing need to authenticate individuals. Biometrics-based authentication is emerging as a reliable method that can overcome serious limitations of the traditional automatic personal identification technologies. Biometric recognition, or biometrics, refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his/her anatomical (e.g., fingerprint, iris) or behavioral (e.g., signature) characteristics or traits. This method of identification offers several advantages over traditional methods involving ID cards (tokens) or PIN numbers (passwords) for various reasons: (i) the person [...]

NSU Helps Move “Invisibility Cloaking” Forward

Imagine a friend tells you that they just painted their kitchen “blue.” You might ask if it’s Navy Blue, Sky Blue or Turquoise. But if they told you they painted a wall “black,” you wouldn’t have any such questions. There’s only one shade of black, right? Wrong. At least if work being conducted by Mikhail Noginov, Ph.D., at the NSU Center for Materials Research continues to evolve. Noginov and his colleagues, including Professor Evgeni E. Narimanov of Purdue University, who has proposed the concept, are [...]

Health Initiative Uses Innovative Approach

Norfolk State University has launched a new and innovative initiative titled “Achieving Sustainable Health Empowerment III: A Comprehensive Health and Wellness Initiative at NSU” (A.S.H.E. III). The initiative, which is geared towards women’s health on campus and in the community, has three primary components: the promotion of overall health; HIV/AIDS education, including prevention; and ending violence against women. This program is the first multi-tiered, multi-agency health and wellness program designed for a campus setting. This unique approach may serve as a model for other Historically [...]